2.5 years – Hair, skin, and nails

After seeing so many people rave about this new product “Hair, skin and nails” by It Works, I decided to give it a try. Some of the results I saw online were amazing and I’m pretty good and noticing fake before/after photos. So I ended up using this stuff for four months with hopes of my hair growing either faster or thicker and I can’t really say that I’ve noticed a difference. Six months of growth should be about 3″ and that looks like about what I got. I can’t say it wasn’t expected. And I came to find out one of the ingredients was biotin, so I got terrible acne… again.

I am loving them more and more every day. I only wish they were thicker, longer, and all the same length. I leave them down almost every day. It is truely the ultimate lazy hair style. I finally get to roll out of bed, put pants on, and go about my day. No brushing, no straightening, no nonsense (maybe a little nonsense). I’m still washing with the no-poo baking soda/vinegar stuff and it’s working great. I only ever use regular shampoo when I dye my hair. Baking soda/vinegar will NOT get dye out. My hair is finally long enough for all of it to fit into a pony tail. Booyah!

Sarah's dreadlock timeline 3 years front Sarah's dreadlock timeline 3 years back

I don’t have any cool hairstyles yet. Most of them are too short to do anything with, but occasionally I’ll pull them all to one side, so they look nice and big or I’ll put them in a big bun thingy.

Sarah dreadlock timeline 2.5 years fashion 1Sarah dreadlock timeline 2.5 years fashion 2

I didn’t think my dreads were getting any thicker, but maybe they are. Or my pony tail just looks bigger because my dreads are long enough to make it in now.

1.5 years vs 2 years vs 2.5 years

1.5 years vs 2 years vs 2.5 years


4 thoughts on “2.5 years – Hair, skin, and nails

  1. You look gorgeous and your is so thick now! Are you in love with your dreads?☺️ Still working on my husband to say yes . . . Lol

    • Thank you Alisha! I really do love them. I can’t imagine being without them now. I hope you can convince your husband. 🙂 It’s so worth it! Good luck!

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