Braided yarn extentions & Olan Rogers

Sarah's dreadlock timeline yarn

Braided yarn extensions, African beads, Serene Stonework beads, giant octopus, and thread wraps.

I put temporary braided yarn extensions in my hair! I really missed my long hair so I’m keeping these for a little while. I recounted and have 56 dreads and realized that naming more than a few is really stupid because you can never keep track of all of them. If enough people request it, I will make a tutorial video showing how to add yarn to dreadlocks.Sarah's dreadlock timeline yarn Sarah's dreadlock timeline yarn Sarah's dreadlock timeline yarn

I got to meet Olan Rogers! The man behind one of my silliest dreadlocks. He came to Salt Lake City on his “Eat A Slice with Me” tour and we waited six hours to get a hug, autograph, and a picture with him. Worth it! If you don’t yet know who he is, get yourself edumecated!   1079012_10201644901035184_874101308_o

8 thoughts on “Braided yarn extentions & Olan Rogers

    • haha Yes he is! No, absolutely no wax. A salon did mine and put wax in, so I had to remove it with vinegar. It was disgusting. Good luck with your dread journey! If you need any advise or want to share a timeline, is the place to go. 🙂

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  3. Hey I’m on the fence about getting yarn locks on top of budding locks can you put up that tutorial or link me to one you used? I’m a little over seven months in. Did it mess with how long your hair dried? was it super heavy? did your natural hair loc up under the protective styling?

    • Hey, I don’t really recommend braided yarn locs. They are really a temporary decoration type thing and take a very long time to put in. Yarn holds a ton of water, and yes it is very heavy. My scalp hurt for quite a while after putting them in and always hurt when they were wet. And because I braided my real dreads into the yarn my hair didn’t get to loop and shrink like it was supposed to. Yes it looks nice, but if you really want dreadlock extentions I recommend using kanekalon hair. They’re a little pricey but a little bit goes a long way. I buy mine from and make them myself. Good luck on your journey and let me know if you have any more questions!

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