11 months

I noticed I have nice thick bumps of hair at the roots of some of my dreads and others are just loose hair, so I started  root rubbing the loose ones. Surprisingly, it actually worked. I got little puffs of hair that started looping and thickening. I only did it once to loose roots. I know too much root rubbing can cause the hairs to fall out or the dread to get too tight at the roots, which would be painful.

I also have a few dreads that are knotted at the roots and tip with loose hair in between that haven’t done anything for 11 months, so they aren’t going to start knotting on their own. With those I pulled the tips up a bit (folded, while my hair was wet) and palm rolled like mad. Some of them stayed and are looping and doing well. The ones that haven’t stayed have started forming loops anyway, so it is all working out. There are tons of new loops near the front of my head. Progress progress progress…

All of my pictures to this point have been after showering and drying my hair. But really, my hair looks best when I wake up in the morning, so that’s how I chose to photograph my hair today and probably how I will continue to do it in the future.

Mmm they always look better after some fresh hair dye!

11 months-2808Sarah's dreadlock timeline 11 months back

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