3 years

It’s been 3 years already. It’s hard to believe I’ve had them that long. Like a piercing or tattoo, they’ve become a part of me.  Speaking of piercings, I got a medusa a couple weeks ago and I love it. I’m already forgetting that there’s a piece of metal in my face. You wouldn’t think piercings could be painless until you go to Koi.

As for what’s new with my hair, I’ve stopped using baking soda & vinegar to clean them. I’m just too damn lazy to remember to refill them and I hated pouring cold water on my head. So I’ve switched to Lush. Yes, it’s insanely expensive, but it’s 100% vegetarian, about 80% vegan, and soooo delicious. I’ve also started dying them monthly and I’m putting in colored synthetic extensions, but that’s for another post. They are not getting any thicker, just very long.

I still and always will love them. I get compliments all the time and hear about people wishing they were gutsy enough to just go for it. I don’t really think of myself as gutsy. I mean, it’s just hair.

3 years

Excuse the sweat, it is hot as balls in Utah right now.

3 years back

I still hate my cowlicks.

3 years fashion

All pulled to the side.

3 years fashion 2

All pulled to the front. This is as big as they get.

3 years congo 2

I forced them to congo because the roots were getting dangerously thin on the skinny one.

3 years congo

I forced these congo because I just didn’t like how skinny they were.

sidecomparisons 4

1 year vs 2 years vs 3 years. No more thickening

One thought on “3 years

  1. Hi Sarah, love your dreads! They look fantastic 🙂 they give me hope, for my hair is as fine as yours (before you dreaded). Would love to get dreads one day, when my hair is a bit longer.
    Wondering how long your hair was when you started? Some of mine is only a few inches long, so I have some waiting/growing to do anyway!

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