1 week – wax removal

So I don’t feel like my dreads have progressed very much because of the wax. I took all the wax out yesterday. Hurray!! My hair was sticky, shiny, and looked oily and dirty. My hair wasn’t locking up because putting wax in it is like sticking it in the freezer. The hairs don’t get a chance to move around and knot up. Wax only hinders the dreadlock process, not to mention that it can trap water inside and cause them to rot, stink, and fall out. The stickiness also causes dirt and whatnot to stick to them. Disgusting! I’m lucky I removed it so quickly so my hair can really dread up now. I mixed apple cider vinegar with hot water in a spray bottle and let it sit on my head for 20 minutes, then took a super hot shower. Needless to say I washed my hair yesterday (I was told to wait 4 months bahahaha!).

Also, I pretty much ignored the responses to my poll and dreaded my bangs anyway. I wanted the practice so that I could dread my boyfriend’s hair someday. I now have 3 crocheted dreads and I think they look SOOO much better than my backcombed ones. I’ll keep doing all of my maintenance with the crochet needle. I keep noticing these bulbs/bumps of hair at the bottom of my dreads where we tried to blunt the tips and I keep having to crochet them further up, so some of my hair gets a little shorter every day, which is better than having embarrassing bumps at the ends  of my hair. They are looking quite silly and I refuse to wear my hair down in public, but I know they will be gorgeous someday.

I counted them and I’ve got 52 dreads total. I’ve named them Lock, Shock, Barrel, Sally, Jack, Zero, AbelDamien, Lestat, Wednesday, Vlad, Archimedes, JiminyAbu, Rajah, Gaston, Isolabella, Faye, Eva, Charlie, Dexter, Olan, Dalí, Nero, Lilith, Sookie (pronunciation), Compton, Northman, Godric, Ryuk, Rem, Kira, Light, Ember, Sky, Bluebeard, Shayde, Scarlet, Gray, Absinthe, GIR, Zim, Gabriel, Beelzebub, Shiva, Ra, Hatshepsut, Osiris, Athena, Hades, Poseidon, and Medusa 🙂

The difference between a backcombed dread and a crocheted one. The crocheted one is neater, less frizzy, and feels tighter. Not to mention that it was practically pain free. I nearly cried getting my dreads backcombed. I wish I had crocheted all of my dreads.

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